Emma is extremely patient. She broke down each posture and walked me through the benefits of the poses until it really made sense.

— Maggie

“I never thought yoga would be my thing.”

I was always a bit turned off by the yoga scene and was too intimidated to try a class but then I tried a private session with Emma. She made me comfortable right off the bat. To say I was a beginner is an understatement but Emma totally customized the practice to my needs, breaking down each pose until I got it. After only a few sessions I can confidently flow through a Sun A on my own and might even try a group class. 

— R.M.

“The most relaxing experience!”

Emma has a very calming energy. She makes you feel safe and taken care of. As someone who has been practicing yoga for years I can say with certainty Emma has a deep understanding of the fundamental elements of yoga. Plus she's a great listener. I felt like it was half yoga/half therapy session.

— S.T.

I’m a newcomer to Yoga and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Emma.  I’m in my 60’s and have some limitations, most notably vertigo, As a result I’m unable to do certain poses and need a customized, gentle routine.  Emma’s vast knowledge, experience and individualized, flexible approach exactly fit my needs and then some! Her gentle, patient, kind demeanor is calming and inspiring at the same time. I love working with Emma and can’t wait for our next session!  — J.S.