Yogacation (Yoga Education)

200 Hour RYT Certified through Corepower Yoga

50+ hours of extension training


Why yoga?

I've been practicing yoga for 15+ years, but more seriously for the last 4+ years. Yoga was always part of my life on some level, but when I moved to California from New York I found a new commitment to the practice. At first I was going to the studio as a means to exercise and de-stress after a long day at work and commute in Los Angeles traffic, then as a way to meet new people - the yoga studio became my community, then as a teacher-in-training and now because it's part of my life I can't live without (like food or Netflix). Yoga has opened me up to new possibilities, challenged me in ways I never thought possible, helped me to become more vulnerable, strengthened my body and my connection to myself.

Customizable instruction

I'm eager to share the benefits I've discovered from my own yoga practice with others through customizable, private instruction. One-on-one sessions will allow us to break down the yoga Asanas and deepen your practice in a way that's accessible and fun! “Find your flow” is all about discovering the aspects of yoga that work for you and making it your own. I offer beginner to advanced level instruction for individuals and small groups (bachelorette parties, weekend getaways, weddings etc.)

What if I've never done yoga... ever?

No problem! Seriously. The beauty of private instruction is that we can create a series of poses that works for you and break down each one so you truly understand the goal of the posture (plus there are no bad habits to break!)